What We Do

Custom Plans

There are 3 phases of the Design process if you desire to have a custom set of blueprints created for your family.

• The initial meeting
• Preliminary plans
• Construction Documents

The initial meeting…
At this point we will work through a Reed Residential Design checklist that outlines budget, style of architecture, client needs and wants, timetables, and all other pertinent information required to create a program for the Residential Designer to begin creating a set of preliminary plans. If the client has a builder in mind it is encouraged to bring them along to this meeting. If you don’t, don’t worry, we have a handful of qualified builders that we can refer you to.

The preliminary plans phase…
After the initial meeting Reed Residential Design will develop of set of plans that will consist of a site study, foundation plan, floor plans and elevations. With the parameters outlined in our meeting in mind we will go through, room by room, and address all design features. This is the most critical part of the process. This process could take a couple of weeks and a wide range of questions will be posed and addressed. Once a set of preliminary plans has been given to the client we will go through and note all changes or tweaks that are desired by the client. The plans will then be given back to Reed Residential Design for the team to make revisions to your preliminary plans. This process will continue for as long as needed to create a functional, cost effective plan for the client. After all, we are not just building a home, we are establishing the client’s dreams on paper!

When the clients are comfortable with the design Reed Residential Design will work with you in obtaining bids and estimating the materials needed to build your new home. Things like labor costs and builder costs will all be considered to determine if our plan is within the client’s budget. As master estimators Reed Residential Design strives to deliver a plan that is within 5%-7% of the client’s budget.

It is best to take your time through this phase. One of Reed Residential Design’s mottos is that it is better to be proactive as opposed to reactive. It’s best to address all questions and concerns at this point as opposed to after construction begins. It saves time…and money.

Once Reed Residential Design and the client have a design that meets expectations and budget the plan will move into the Construction Document phase.

Construction Documents…
Take a deep breath! The rest is up to the professionals at Reed Residential Design. Once the plans are approved and signed off on by the client the Residential Designer will begin work on the Construction Document’s. These are comprehensive plans reflecting all pertinent info including, but not limited to, dimensions, beam sizes, details, cross sections, floor joist layouts, roofing plans, truss design and structural elements that will be required to submit your plans for permits. This is a very extremely detailed process that will take some time for Reed Residential Design to complete. We will check our work, recheck it and then check it a few more times.

Once the Residential Designer at Reed Residential Design completes the permit ready set of plans a few copies will be given to both you and the builder. We will have one final meeting to make sure we are all on the same page. At this point we are ready to submit for permits. Once the plan has made it through your cities jurisdiction and permits have been approved the contractual obligations of Reed Residential Design will have been met.

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Renovations & additions

At Reed Residential Design we understand pressures in the economy. Most importantly, we understand that you may LOVE your lot and current house. Love the school district you’re in? Your family definitely doesn’t want to move. If you are leaning towards remodeling your current space or possibly adding a new space, the professionals at Reed Residential Design are here to help!

Has your family outgrown your current space? Maybe you feel that you need a new Owner’s bath. Possibly a whole new Owner’s suite? Is an extra bedroom needed? Maybe your wife won’t leave you alone about that wonderful kitchen that she has wanted….you know, the one she saw in that magazine! Maybe your husband wants that “man cave” so he can get away from all his wife’s talk about that kitchen? Is a wood burning fireplace what your family desires? Whatever the case may be Reed Residential design is here to help.

We have a whole department dedicated and devoted to taking your existing space and renovating it to meet your family’s needs. Our professionals will stop out to your place and get a feel for what you would like to accomplish. We will then guide you through what can and cannot be done. We will determine what is structural, what can fit within the easements of your current lot and so on. Reed Residential Design will work with you to lay out a set of Preliminary Plans that meet your budget and ultimately create a set of Construction Documents that will have you cooking and entertaining in your new kitchen in no time!

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Porches & Sun Rooms

As the weather in April starts to turn a little warmer does your family long to get outside after being cooped up all winter? As the barbeque grills start to come back to life and the thought of sitting outside reading your favorite book with a glass of iced tea sound so good then it may be time to add that 4 season’s room you have longed for. Simply open the windows and let the breeze flow.

On the other hand, as the temperature begins to chill off around October simply close those windows in the 4 season’s room. You can relax on the patio furniture…but be inside! The outside elements will only be there as a backdrop as you enjoy watching the snow fall as December rolls around.

Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular and Reed Residential Design is here to help! Sun Rooms, Screen Porches and 4 season’s rooms are very affordable. These particular spaces are not very complex to build and can be a great addition to your current home. Reed Residential Design drafts plans for these outdoor living spaces by the dozen’s. Love to grill? Add a nice deck off of your current porch! Or maybe a nice patio/deck space would be perfect to add that hot tub for you to relax.

Our outdoor living space department would love to come out to your home and listen to your ideas about ways to enjoy the outdoors. Reed Residential Design will work with you to lay out a set of Preliminary Plans that meet your budget and ultimately create a set of Construction Documents that will have you relaxing outside in no time!

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Finished Basements

For a lot of us our current home came with an unfinished basement. And like a lot of us our families have expanded and we would love to utilize that extra space. Maybe you would like a place to play cards with your friends? Your family may possibly need to add an extra bedroom. Maybe with one extra bathroom the family won’t be fighting over space when they get ready in the morning. Would you love a place to retire to on Sundays and watch the game? Reed Residential Design loves to come up with man cave ideas. Would you like a cozy theater room to gather with the family and watch your favorite program? Maybe a wetbar just outside of the theater room to help assemble your favorite snacks. Fireplace? You got it!

Our design specialists at Reed Residential Design would love to stop out and meet you….and your unfinished basement! With your needs and wants in mind we will come up with a cost effective Preliminary Plan that lays out the available space you have in your current basement. Upon completing the Construction Documents Reed Residential Design will have you taking advantage of all the space your current basement has to offer!

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